Why is my Cat/Dog Fussy?

Don’t let your dog or cat have constant access to food. It is not normal for them to be grazers, this can cause obesity and appetite problems. An adult animal should have one or two set meals a day, preferably the same time everyday. They will rebuild an appetite that will trigger them to remind you they want to eat. Dogs with high energy demand should be fed twice a day. If you are worried, it’s best to consult your vet.

Why is my Cat/Dog itching?

The first step is to check for fleas. if the problem persists it could be an allergy, which is not always easy to remedy. The problem could be due to a reaction to a particular food or an environmental contact. If a food allergy it could be managed by a process of identifying the food or protein type and avoiding them. There are natural foods that can aid with this problem. If it’s a contact allergy we have many products that can help relieve these symptoms. All allergies need to be addressed by specialist in this area, whether your choice of veterinary, holistic, nutritional or all of the above.

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